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Case Studies, PASconcept

Project and Job Administration Software by Architects and Engineers, for Architects and Engineers

PASconcept was created by engineers that needed a new, integrated system for managing their firm. They realized that, daily, a significant amount of time was being spent on administration and organization as opposed to increasing production. A stagnant productivity level was accompanied by lost business opportunities as a consequence of mismanaged time.

Over several years, PASconcept was developed to meet the needs of architectural and engineering firms. It is an all-inclusive web application that functions as a centralized platform where all business management tools can be used efficiently and effectively. Its functionality and mobile accessibility allows administrators to maintain complete control of an entire project; from the proposal phases to project completion.
The best feature that PASconcept provides is complete integration. Not only does the program integrate a variety of tools into one application, it also allows the integration of people. Administrators, employees, sub-consultants, and clients can all be connected to each other through PASconcept.

Administrators – Oversee projects, subcontracts, clients, employees, fee proposals, billing, and other administrative functions through an organized system of interactive data.

Employees – Keep track of projects, manage billing, receive personal productivity reports and complete project-specific timesheets with a single site for employee-specific needs.

Clients – Have complete access to project details, proposals, invoices and estimates issued by the administrator while also quickly choosing to accept or deny proposals.

Sub Consultants – Quickly view and respond to proposal requests, easily access project details and information, and receive account notifications


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